Students in JOUR 5280 will have access to professional camcorders and accessories from the FESR. This includes:

You may also use your own video equipment from JOUR 3280. You can even combine your gear with gear from the FESR. The key is to choose the right tools to tell the story. The JVC pro camcorders are more rugged than DSLRs and better suited for shooting news and sports, especially fast-moving events in busy locations. They have built-in zoom lenses, a shotgun mic for natural sound, accessible manual controls and an electronic viewfinder.

If you want to check out Grady equipment, you MUST read this: Field Equipment Supply Room (FESR) policies. You must also sign a Statement of Responsibility. Download the form, type the information, print the form, sign the form and return to your instructor.

In addition to the FESR equipment policies, here are a few other rules to follow when using Grady College equipment:


  • Inspect equipment before leaving the FESR area to go on a shoot.
  • Inspect equipment before returning it to the FESR.


  • Leave equipment unattended.
  • Leave the FESR without inspecting equipment after check-out

FESR equipment