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Adobe Premiere – Finishing and Exporting

These tutorials are most effective when used in conjunction with the editing software. Ideally, you should watch a tutorial then use the editing software to practice the techniques. Watch and practice again and again, as much as you need. Do not use these tutorials as an excuse to miss class. They are not a substitute for actual classroom learning, but simply an extra tool to help you refresh your skills and explore new techniques.

All videos in JOUR 3280 and JOUR 5280 must be exported with these settings:
1. Resolution: 1,280 x 720 (720p) 
2. Frame rate: 29.97 or 59.94
3. Video codec: AVC/H.264
4. Audio codec: AAC, sample rate 48000 Hz
5. Container: .MP4

Best way to get these settings is to use the “Grady Newsource 720p” export preset you were given at the beginning of the semester. If you lost it, you can enter the settings manually. Here’s what you need for both “Format” and “Preset” in the Premiere Pro Export Settings window:Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 5.06.33 PM

NOTE: In the video below, which uses 2017 version of Premiere, the “preset” was listed as “HD 720p 29.97”.  If you’re using a newer version of Premiere Pro, you’ll see what’s in the image above.

Exporting a Sequence Tutorial:
This video goes over the whole exporting process

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