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All students taking JOUR 3280 are required to provide their own video camera. You can get a DSLR that records HD video and has a microphone input, which would also work for Grady’s introductory photojournalism course. Or you can get a camcorder that records HD video and has a microphone input.

Here’s a post about Mobile Video Tools (In case you want to accessorize your smartphone or DSLR camera)

Students in JOUR 3280 will have access to camera accessories that can be checked out from the Field Equipment Supply Room on the 1st floor of the Journalism Building (room 119). You must read this if you want to use Grady equipment: Field Equipment Supply Room (FESR) policies. You must also sign a “Statement of Responsibility,” which your instructor should provide.

In addition to the FESR equipment policies, here are a few other rules to follow when using Grady College equipment:


  • Inspect equipment before leaving the FESR area to go on a shoot.
  • Inspect equipment before returning it to the FESR.


  • Leave equipment unattended.
  • Leave the FESR without inspecting equipment after check-out

Grady College camera accessories for video journalism.

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